focus keeper

Name: Focus Keeper Free: Work and Study Timer

Content producer: Limepresso

Devices: iPhone and iPad

Available from: iTunes

Tested on: iPhoneSE

Price: Free

In this post Cat, Support Librarian, reviews the free version of Focus Keeper

Type of information: Focus Keeper is an app designed to help you focus on study or work for 25 minute bursts of time. It is similar to other apps based on the Pomodoro method of time management, which uses a timer to encourage productivity in 25 minute intervals.

For: everyone

Main pros:

  • bright and simple interface
  • silent function (great for when you’re studying in the library!)
  • helps with productivity and time management

Main cons:

  • have to pay for in-app purchases for more functionality and personalisation options
  • only available for iOS devices

Focus Keeper has created a time management app which aims to help you focus on one task in 25 minute chunks of time. The design is based on an egg timer which counts down each round. A round is a two hour block of time, broken down into 25 minute intervals, with a 5 minute break after each interval. At the end of a round, you are encouraged to take a 20 to 30 minute break. In the app, daily goals can be created based on the number of rounds you aim to complete.

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The app can be a useful aid for study or revision. Intense work intervals followed by frequent breaks discourage distractions and procrastination. The longer break period after a full round allows your mind to rest. The app does offer more functionality through in-app purchases, including personalised colours, interval times and alarm sounds, although these are largely superficial add-ins. Focus Keeper is based on a simple concept, however, unlike a traditional egg timer, it automatically starts each interval and notifies you of when it is time to study.

I found this app useful for work and study. It was first tested on shorter work tasks such as reviewing articles or responding to emails. It’s easy to have a scattered approach to work and the app helps you to concentrate on one thing for half an hour at a time. The app was also tested when writing this review and I found that it encouraged good writing practice whereby I would write for a concentrated period of time before being prompted to rest and reflect. You can also pause the app if you don’t want it to interrupt your flow of thought. For larger projects such as essay writing, the time-management method of intervals, rounds and daily goals might help to break down a seemingly overwhelming project.

Top tip: in the free version of the app you can’t change the time of the intervals in the settings, but you can manually add or reduce time during an interval using the egg timer band.

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