Name: Emoodji

Content producer: 3 Sided Cube and Mind

Devices: Android/iPhone

Available from: Google Play and iTunes

Tested on: iPhoneSE

Price: Free

Type of information: Emoodji is a holistic app which provides information on coping with all aspects of University life from housing to studying to eating well. The app is designed by the mental health charity Mind. It also offers tips on improving your mood and links out to their website for further advice or help.

For: All university students

Main pros:

  • colourful, bold and easy to use
  • can be used privately or as a social app
  • offers information and tips on 11 different areas related to University life

Main cons:

  • limited filters and editing options for photos

Mind, the mental health charity, has created a new app with students in mind. The app uses emojis as a novel way to track your mood. Snap a quick selfie and pick the appropriate emoji to express how you are feeling. The app will then track your mood over days and weeks to build a picture of your general mood and your ups and downs.

The app also suggests several ways you can improve your mood or deal with the challenges of University life. It covers areas such as housing, exam stress, dealing with homesickness and much more. Each topic area breaks down into more specific subjects. For example, the section on depression also provides information on how to support a friend with depression or deal with loneliness. It offers practical tips and hacks.  It also links out to Mind’s website where you can find more tips and places to go for help.

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The app’s interface is bright and fun. Its design is similar to most social media sites, with a feed or timeline of your selfies and pictures. Your account and pictures are private but you can also connect to friends to share your pictures, and see theirs.

The editing and filters of your pictures are basic. You can add text and change the size and placement of emojis and text.

The app is like an interactive mood diary which includes notifications and alerts for your weekly mood. By interacting with friends you are encouraged to be open with your feelings, although the app can be used as a personal mood tracker. For more information check out Emoodji’s FAQs.

For professional advice, or if you would like to speak to someone about your problems, contact the St George’s student Counselling Service.

All posts on this blog are subject to the SGUL Library’s guide to mobile resources disclaimer, please take the time to read it carefully.


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