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Our App Swap event has returned this academic year, giving students and staff the chance to come together to talk about apps that they like and  use.

When and where will it take place?

Time: Wednesday 26 October 12.45 – 1.45pm

Location: Library Training Room, 1st Floor Hunter

Who can join in?

All staff and students at St George’s and St George’s Trust staff  who want to share or learn about apps.

What kind of apps will be shared?

This depends on what attendees bring on the day. Previous apps that have been shared include: AIM, Anatomy 4D, RevisePsych, MedEdEthics, The Genetics Counselling App, ManchEWS.  Read our App Swap round up blog posts for more details.

For this AppSwap we have also invited Dr SanYuMay Tun to introduce the pronunciation guide a new resource in Moodle to help students learn the pronunciation of unfamiliar medical terms, and the Moodle team will be demonstrating how Moodle works on mobile devices.

Do I need to prepare a presentation?

No, the App Swap event is quite informal;  let us know what you think about the app you’ve chosen, and be prepared to show it on your device.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for the event please send an e-mail to kpang@sgul.ac.uk with the subject heading App Swap event. If you already have an app in mind, please mention the app.  We have a limit of 14 places.

Will there be refreshments?

Tea, coffee and water will be provided.


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