Osceasy logo

Name: OSCEasy

Content producer: SGUL

Devices: Android devices

Other requirements: Google Play Store

Tested on:  Android phone

Price: Free

Type of information: OSCE examination

For:  Medical students – Year 1 students would gain knowledge of what to expect at OSCE examination station via the app.

OSCEasy is an app designed for medical students, to help them revise OSCE examination skills. Written by junior doctors who have recently taken their final exams, the app provides a score sheet and timer for each of the sixteen most commonly encountered stations in OSCEs.

Ideally the app should be used to test your friends; with one allocated as the examiner and the other performing the examination, but can also be used as a revision tool. At the end of the examination you can email your results for reflection later.

Main pros:

  • Free to download
  • 16 unique OSCE stations to revise from – which more can be added in the future
  • Can be used as both a lone revision tool or with friends
  • Allows you to e-mail yourself your result to keep track of progress
  • Has a buzzer to remind you when your time is almost up
  • Very simple to get started and use the app, user-friendly

Main cons:

  • Only available for Android devices
  • OSCE stations available in app may not be so specific to students studying elsewhere

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