On Wednesday 10 February, St George’s Library hosted the fourth in its successful series of App Swap events, bringing together attendees from both the University and
the Trust to dis

AppSwap4 - DrHamedKhan

Dr Hamed Khan at the 4th App Swap event.

cuss useful apps, both medical and non-medical.

The focus of this event was on Point of Care resources. Dr Hamed Khan, a member of staff at both the Trust and the University, talked us through a free app called Consult which he has helped advise on. We compared Consult with two apps available for free through St George’s Library: DynaMed Plus, for Trust staff, and BMJ Best Practice, for SGUL staff and students.

These apps can be used to help improve patient care, providing healthcare professionals with easy access to medical information on a range of different topics. Students should also find them useful, particularly for problem-based learning scenarios.

The Storify of the App Swap event is available.

Interested in future App Swap events? Please email kpang@sgul.ac.uk.


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