Quick Look Post

NamECG Genius Logoe: ECG Genius

Publisher: St George’s, University of London

Devices:  iPad (Requires iOS 7.0 or later)

Available from: iTunes Store

Price: £0.79


Type of information:  The application allows undergraduate and postgraduate medical students to take interactive quizzes and engaging tutorials so as to develop knowledge in analysing and interpreting ECGs.

Main pros: 

  • Runs offline to be used on the go
  • Easy to use and get started with
  • Two types of playing modes depending on the ability of user
  • Access to real patient ECGs
  • Excellent tutor mode to give step by step guide on how to analyse ECGs

Main cons:  

  • Only available on an iPad

ECG Genius is a simple and easy to use app to learn to analyse and interpret ECGs. It consists of two modes for learning – Game mode and Tutor mode. In both of them, you are presented with real patient ECGs to choose the correct diagnosis from a list of options available. 


Tools for measuring ECG waves are available

There are tools embedded within the app to correctly measure ECG waves (for e.g. a ruler). There is an excellent ‘communications’ panel that prompts you to perform a step by step process in analysing the ECGs

Prompts explain reasons behind incorrect diagnosisThe prompt also explains the reason behind an incorrect diagnosis and lead you through the right path. The tutor mode is similar to an instructor led learning process whereas the game mode is self-assessment involving quizzes. Overall, the app is an efficient learning tool for anyone interested in expanding knowledge in ECGs.

All posts on this blog are subject to the SGUL Library’s guide to mobile resources disclaimer, please take the time to read it carefully.


3 thoughts on “Quick Look: ECG Genius

      • Thank you Ka-Ming,

        It may take me until towards the end of next week to get the blog post sorted out on our end, but yes I shall be sure to provide link backs, to your Twitter contact and to the eLU team mobile apps page.

        Thanks for the info, as you say I will send on the link to you (likely via Twitter DM) when ready. I am going to bring the app to a Health themed pop-up eLearning lab which we are running next Thursday.


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