Quick Look Post

Name: Anatomy 4D

Logo for Anatomy 4D

Publisher: Daqri

Devices: Available on Apple and Android devices. We tested this on the iPad.

Available from: Apple Store and Google Play.

Price: Free

Type of information: Anatomy

For:  Medical and healthcare students

  • Main pros – Easy to use, great visuals of the heart and the human body.
  • Main cons – Only two target images available.

Anatomy 4D is am app that lets you explore the human body in 3D using a tablet.  To use it you need to first print out the sheets provided on their website, and download the app onto your tablet. The app also works on some mobile phones, but it’s not compatible with all.

Turn on the app, capture the print out sheet with the camera, and a pulsating heart, or a human body appears as if it floating over the paper.  A  blue wheel appears on the bottom right corner, and you can easily pick and choose what is made visible, by tapping each labeled part on the screen. The human body  image also includes an onscreen slider that lets you adjust the skin transparency.

The level of detail is stunning, and the app enables you to move around the image, showing the sides of the body or the heart, and also get quite up close to it.

This is a great app for exploring the bodily systems, the only downside is that there are only two target images produced by Daqri.

See our Vine video for a quick glimpse of how it works.

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