Quick Look Post

Name: Baby Buddy


Publisher:  Best Beginnings org.

Devices: We tested this app on an iPhone 5 device.

Available from: Apple Store and Google Play.

Price: Free

Type of information: An interactive app which creates an avatar or ‘buddy’ to help guide women through pregnancy and new motherhood.

For:  Those expecting, new mothers and healthcare workers assisting them.

  • Main pros – Interactive, reassuring, clear and colourful.
  • Main cons – Simplistic, perhaps more useful for first time mothers.  Some parts of the App are still being developed.

The user sets up an account and creates and names an avatar: a ‘bump buddy’ for those who are pregnant or a ‘baby buddy’ for new mothers. The idea is that this ‘buddy’ accompanies the user through to delivery and motherhood. On this occasion I set up a ‘bump buddy’.


Menu of options in ‘Bump World’


The app includes a simple search engine which allows the user to ask questions. There is also an appointment scheduler which allows users to record their appointments, set reminders and also record questions they need to ask that the app could not assist with.  The Bump Around section allows for a search using postcode or GPS  to locate useful services in the area such as clinics.


You can ask your buddy simple questions.


Interactive map

Interactive map

Motivational elements of the App include daily tips and a facility for setting and recording goals. If  a goal is met users can acquire a new accessory to give to their buddy. There is also a  ‘Bump Book’ which allows users to enter thoughts and memories, an area for also recording photographs is in development.

Daily tip.

Daily tip.

This App is likely to be most useful as a support tool for healthcare staff to recommend to their patients, especially those who require extra help and assurance. Its interactive elements and colourful graphics make it easy to use and appealing to those who are used to on-line gaming and social media.


All posts on this blog are subject to the SGUL Library’s guide to mobile resources disclaimer, please take the time to read it carefully.


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