On Wednesday 4th February, St George’s Library and the eLearning Unit (eLU) ran the first ever App Swap event for St George’s members of staff. Colleagues got together around a table with various tablet devices provided by eLU, to share useful apps. We also live-tweeted the event using the hashtags #SGUL and #AppSwap via our @sgullibrary Twitter account.

Tablets on the table

An array of mobile devices, ready for use

Many eLU co-created apps were showcased. Dr Carwyn Hooper explained MedEdEthics, which contained virtual patient cases for students to work through, while Dr Aileen O’ Brien described the reasons behind the creation of RevisePsych, which had questions and quizzes aimed at undergraduate psychiatry students.

Dr Sahar Mansour presented TGCA – The Genetics Counselling App, which gives a visual explanation of chromosomes from the body to gene level; this app especially drew murmurs of admiration for its beautiful interface design. A running theme throughout several discussions was the invaluable input of students in the creation of these apps, and a general wish to see more collaboration with students in the future.

Aside from apps created by eLU there were also other free to use apps discussed, such as the ManchEWS app presented by Dr Jonathan Round. This app is based on the Manchester Early Warning Score system for paediatric patients. Dr Judith Ibison was enthusiastic about QxCalculate, which contained a lot of useful calculators. A benefit of the QxCalculate medical calculators was that they linked through to their sources, although she warned of an American bias to the app.

The Library presented on Scores on the Doors app, which lets you see the Food Standards Agency ratings of the restaurants and cafes in your vicinity, as an opportunity to explore non-medical apps. Last but not least, Dr David Winterbourne explained how to subscribe to teaching timetables on mobile devices, which many of the attendees found useful. A link to a video on how to subscribe to timetables can be found at the end of this post.

Lively discussion after the event

Colleagues sharing ideas about apps

Overall, the event was a great success and highlighted the interest that St George’s staff members have in medical and health apps. Feedback from the attendees indicates that there is enthusiasm for another App Swap event in the future. We are excited at the prospect and looking forward to running an App Swap for both staff and students.

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