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Name: ManchEWS

manchews logo

Royal Manchester Early Warning System App

Publisher:  Developed by Manchester Children’s Hospital

Devices: iPhone  (will work on iPad, but not optimised for it)

Other requirements: n/a

Tested on the iPad

Available from:  Apple Store

Price: Free

Type of information:  The Manchester Children’s Hospital Early Warning Score app serves as a quick reminder to paediatricians and nurses on the normal physiological ranges of children of different ages.

For:  Paeditricians and nurses

  • Main pros –   Based on Manchester Children’s Hospital Early Warning Score, simple to use
  • Main cons –  Not available on Android

This is a very simple to use app based on Manchester Children’s Hospital Early Warning Score. By choosing a child’s age category, and using the sliders to input the recorded observations, such as pulse rate and respiration rate, the screen colour changes automatically to reflect the child’s ManchEWS status. A traffic light system is used; the screen is green if the observations are within the normal range for that child’s age, but changes to amber or red if it moves outside the normal range.

manchews orangemanchews greenjpg










More information about paediatric early warning scores is available in the links below:

http://www.institute.nhs.uk/safer_care/paediatric_safer_care/pews.html  produced by the NHS

ManChEWS: Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital early warning score
Joshi, V ; Barber, R ; Yates, R Critical Care, 2011, Vol.15(Suppl 1), p.P507-P507 [Peer Reviewed Journal]

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This post has been adapted from a review written by Dr Jonathan Round, a consultant paediatrician and reader in clinical education. He specialises in paediatric intensive care, paediatric cardiology, medical education, e-learning and medical error prevention.  Find him on Twitter @jround999.


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