SGUL App Swap logoWe invite staff at St George’s to participate in the first ever SGUL App Swap – an informal event for colleagues to get together to share apps, ideas and experiences.

Confirmed apps presenters include: Carwyn Hooper, Judith Ibison and Jonathan Round.


Time: Wednesday 4 February 12.30 – 1.30pm
Location: Jenner Basement 11+ 12 Teaching

Bring your own mobile device and share an app that you use or like. Tea, coffee and sandwiches will be provided after the event.

iphone with mug

SGUL App Swap is hosted by the Library and the e-Learning Unit (eLU). To register for the event or to find out more, please contact: kpang@sgul.ac.uk
[Limited to 15 places]

SGUL App Swap is inspired by App Swap events run by the University of Brighton


3 thoughts on “SGUL App Swap staff event: 4 Feb 12.30 – 1.30pm

  1. Hope your #appswap went well! It is great to see that other folks are running their own app swap sessions. I shall try to share some of our App Swap session topics on our blog soon in case they are helpful and vice versa we would love to hear how your events develop. I am about to subscribe so that I can stay up-to-date on SGUL news!

    • Hi Fiona

      Thank you for your well wishes, it was a very successful event with feedback indicating that everyone would be interested in attending a similar event if we do run something.



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