Name: Smirk

Content producer: Glasgow Caledonian University

Devices: any with access to the Internet.

Other requirements: Internet Access

Tested on: PC, MacBook, iPhone

Available from: http://www.gcu.ac.uk/library/SMIRK/Start.html

Price: Free

Type of information: Study and research skills

For: All students at undergraduate, postgraduate and CPD Level.

  • Main pros Free, Easy to navigate. A website rather than an App so available on a variety of devices.
  • Main consSome sections are specific to Glasgow Caledonian University.

This website was created by Glasgow Caledonian University as a reference tool to help its students with a range of topics concerning study skills. The information is divided into Units, each of which addresses a particular topic.


List of Units covered by Smirk.

Most of the information provided is in written form but there are also occasional imbedded videos, diagrams and examples. Particularly useful sections include a thorough explanation of the PICO and SPICE models for formulating questions. The section on writing skills might be helpful to those returning to study after a while and includes a clear simple guide to grammar. For those students further on in their studies the units on Evaluating Information and Research Skills might also be valuable.


Grammar advice from Smirk.

Smirk is available at: http://www.gcu.ac.uk/library/SMIRK/Start.html

All posts on this blog are subject to the SGUL Library’s guide to mobile resources disclaimer, please take the time to read it carefully.


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