Quick Look: Blood, Guts, Brains and Babies


Publisher: City Stories

Devices: iPhone, iPodtouch and iPad (IOS 4.3 or later).

Other requirements: 281 MB

Tested on iPhone.

Available from: Apple iStore

Price: Free

Type of information: An interactive Medical London Walk through Bloomsbury created in association with the Wellcome Collection.

For: Medical, Healthcare, Allied Health and Nursing students.

  • Main pros – Free, easy to use, able to follow walk at own pace
  • Main cons – not available on Android devices
  • This App has been produced in association with the Wellcome Trust and takes the user on a guided tour through the heart of medical London. It begins at Lincolns Inn Fields outside the Royal College of Surgeons and finishes at the Wellcome Collection in Euston. The walk takes approximately two hours.



The map of the tour.

  • This App provides you with a Google map, at various points on the map there are steps. Upon choosing a step the App will tell you about your location. If you activate  GPS the map will track your position on the route making it extremely difficult to become lost.
  •  The tour utilises a range of media. Each step might include a film clips, short talks, photographs and images related to the location you are in. For example step one includes a consideration of the career of St George’s alumni John Hunter and topics from the history of surgery. The range of topics is diverse including amongst other things the development of chloroform, war neurosis, ambulances and women in medicine.
  •  This free walking tour is highly entertaining and would be of interest to anyone interested in the history of medicine. For anyone new to London it provides an interesting introduction to a fascinating and attractive part of London. There is also the added advantage of following the route at you own pace and without having to join a large group. In addition many of the institutions it covers are open to the public.


The App includes pictures and films.

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