Quick Look Post

Name: MedEdCases


Publisher: St George’s, University of London

Devices: smartphones/tablets with Android OS version 3.2 or later and iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad with iOS version 3.1.3 or later

Available from: App Store and Google Play

Price: £1.99

Type of information: The app allows users to play virtual patient medical cases (online narrative scenarios)  and to take on the role of a medical professional and manage patients as you would when managing a real patient.

For: Primarily for medical and healthcare undergraduate students

  • Main pros: easy to use, practice clinical reasoning skills with patient management options, no need of 3G/Wi-Fi connections after downloading a case, scoring on choices made, realistic cases
  • Main cons: Cost, download cases individually

This app consists of a varied number of virtual patient cases covering many different subject areas. The app is easy to use and quick to download. There are many helpful tutorials on the app website to help you work the app too if you get stuck. Once you’ve installed the app, you are given access to a library of cases which will be added to over time. The cases are available through the ‘Get Cases’ screen where you can choose from the available cases and select ‘Download Case’. Once downloaded, the case will be added to the ‘My Cases’ collection. In order to check for new downloadable cases, click ‘Sync’ button in the ‘Get Cases’ screen. During syncing and downloading a network connection is needed however once downloaded the cases can be played without any connection.

To play a case, select a case from your downloaded list of cases in ‘My Cases’. When playing the case you will be given options to move on in the case and given feedback upon the choices you have made so you can learn from them. A number of the cases have multiple choice questions embed in them to test your knowledge through the case which you must get right before moving on in the case. Some cases have a scoring system: +1 for the correct option, -1 for the wrong option. ‘High Scores’ on the bottom tab of the screen gives you a list of the cases that you have played with the scores. When you finish a case, you are presented with two options ‘Restart Case’ and ‘Statistics’. The Statistics button will present you with a list of all the pages you visited on your pathway from start to finish, this would help you to analyse the pathway more efficiently and revisit pages.















For more information: visit www.mededcases.com


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