There are a number of useful anatomy apps available for mobiles and tablets that you can download for free or at a very low cost.  The following post lists some that the Library have found are:


KneeDecide – teaches you about knee Anatomy, Conditions, best practices, Solutions and helps you Find a Specialist. This app is suitable for both the iPhone and iPad and is free download.

Also form ORCA MD and in the same vein as  above you can try    , FootDecide, HandDecide, ShoulderDecide, SpineDecide and EyeDecide.


Visual Anatomy
You may also like Visual Anatomy, available for Apple devices and for Android.  This App includes images from Grays Anatomy. There is a free version on both operating systems but the full versions are both under £2.  The screenshots below are from the Android app.

visual anatomy

Grays Anatomy student (free edition)grays anatomy

This free version of the popular textbook includes 1247 annotated illustrations and accompanying information.  Browse by chapter and bookmark useful pages.

Again this is an iOS app only – not available for Android users



Currently free this iOS app is a game for testing your knowledge of anatomy.  iLarynx has just received the 2012 SOAP (Society of Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology) Best in Education Award.

NHS Athens Users may also be interested in Anatomy TV.  While not compatible with mobile devices (it requires flashplayer to work) it will work on desktops/laptops  providing an interactive overview of human anatomy featuring 3D animations, clinical videos and textual descriptions by leading specialists. (You need your NHS Athens details to access this resource.)


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