MedAssess mobile application gives all medical and healthcare students chance to test their knowledge on virtual patients

The SGUL e-Learning Unit has created a new app for smartphones and tablets that gives all medical and healthcare students access to more than 30 virtual patient cases.

The MedAssess app puts students in the shoes of a medical professional so they can manage, treat and assess the virtual patients. The self-directed assessment tool covers an array of conditions and diseases to test students’ knowledge.

MedAssess was first developed for the T-year medical students at SGUL. After being received well, it has now been made available for all students to download to their iOS and Android devices.

Mobile learning is becoming increasingly common across the world and most mobile phones are capable of doing almost everything a desktop computer can do. This new platform is growing, particularly within the medical and healthcare fields where recent studies have shown there are more than 5,820 medical, health and fitness apps available for smartphones.

For more information on the app please visit the MedAssess website. For instructions and download links please go to Moodle and click on ‘All SGUL (Student Support Resources)’, then click on ‘MedAssess Mobile App Resources’ (if prompted please enrol onto the course to get access to the download links).


Text and image from:  George’s Weekly – Issue 84


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