The NEJM iPad Edition is a rich issue experience that combines all content from the New England Journal of Medicine in print with key multimedia and unique features in an integrated, easy-to-navigate format. It’s your day-to-day resource for trusted NEJM content. The app is free to download and all users can view a fully functional free issue and read Online First articles. Individual subscribers to NEJM and NEJM.org enjoy FREE access to iPad Edition issues associated with the term of their subscription.

Use the NEJM iPad Edition to:
• Read weekly issues and store them in your personal library
• Access Online First articles as soon as they’re published
• Highlight article text and bookmark articles, images, tables and figures
• Export article PDFs to your favorite document manager
• Export PowerPoint article slide sets to a presentation app such as Keynote
• Watch Videos in Clinical Medicine and videos associated with articles
• Listen to the audio summary for each issue and full-text audio for Clinical Practice articles
• View Weekly CME exam questions and link directly to the exams on NEJM.org
• Share articles and capture, save and share article notes

Now with highlighting, article PDFs, PowerPoint slide sets and images optimized for Retina display.

SGUL users login with your St George’s (Shiboleth) login to see more content

NHS staff use your Athens username and password to login.


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